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Help Guides and Tutorials

Reference Guide For Audacity - 21 Pages

The Complete User Guide For Audacity - 121 pages

Audacity Reference Guide From the Publisher's of the Software

Shorter Handouts for Students

Audacity Tip Sheet - This is a great one page handout to give to students. It identifies some of the important features on the toolbars

Editing Audio in Audacity - This 5 page document will demonstrate how to edit an audio track in Audacity. This is a useful handout for students.

Recording with Audacity - This is a 5 page PDF document with Images and Text.

Video Tutorials

1. Setting up the Microphone

2. **Using Audacity - Basic**----

3. Importing, Editing and Mixing Audio in Audacity

Music and Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects -

Images and Audio Wiki Page -