Earth Day Resources


I. Projects

1. Compute your Carbon Footprint -

  • This is an interactive site in which you take an online quiz. The result of the quiz will be your carbon footprint. Data is available to compare your footprint with other nations.

2. Earth Day Grocery Bag Contest -

  • 1. Borrow. Contact a local grocery store that uses large paper grocery bags. See if the manager will let you "borrow" enough bags so that each student in your school can decorate one. Let the manager know about the project and its environmental education message, of course! Grocers usually get these bags in "bundles" of 500.
  • 2. Decorate. Have students at school decorate the bags with pictures of the earth, environmental messages, the name of your school, etc. Be creative! DO NOT allow students to write their last names on any bags.
  • 3. Deliver. A couple of days before Earth Day you and/or your students return the decorated bags to the grocery store - with many thanks to the manager! The store then distributes these bags (full of groceries) to happy and amazed shoppers on Earth Day.
  • 4. Report. Fill out the Report Form on the project web site with a count of how many bags your school made. Please, only one report per school. All reports will be posted on the Earth Day Groceries www site at:
  • You do not need to sign up or register, just have a great time with the project! For more information, check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) at
  • Another Idea: If you can't use paper bags, you can have your students decorate individual fliers, or even bookmarks, which can be handed out to shoppers or inserted in their shopping bags. These will be counted in the project tally, so do send in your report!

3. Earth Day Projects by Grade Levels - Discovery Education and Waste Managment

4. Digital Story Project - Have students in groups or individually create a PSA announcement related to an Earth Day topic. These digital stories can be published on your school digital story blog or

5. Digital Poster - Glogster-
Have students create a Glog using Glogster. This digital poster could be on an Earth Day Topic. It also could be an extension of the carbon footprint project. Students may create a Glog detailing something in their lives they would like to change in order to improve their carbon footprint.

II. Smartboard Lessons

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

III. Carbon Footprint Calculators

Zero Footprint Kids Calculator
Ecologic Bigfoot Calculator
Cool Climate
The Nature Conservancy: What’s My Carbon Footprint?
Low Impact Living Calculator
Personal Footprint Calculator
Consumer Consequences
One Did It
Earth Day Footprint Calculator

IV. Videos

CNN Video - The 3 R's for Earth Day
History Channel Earth Day Resources -
PBS Kids Celebrate Earth Day
Brain Pop Science - Earth Systems

V. Interactives

National Geographic Earth Day Interactive

Early Elementary Starfall Earthday Interactive -