Google in the Classroom

Google Maps
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Google Maps can be a powerful tool in the classroom. You can create a custom map. On that map you can add pictures and wikipedia facts by clicking on the More Tab. You can also add your own placemarks with facts. There are a variety of custom made maps that are available for you to search. I recently came across a map of civil war battle grounds complete with pictures and facts. You can also view some areas in street view. This allows for walking tours.

You can also adjust the map views to include Terrain, satellite images or street views.

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Google Search
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Google Safe Search can be turned on in the preferences.

Google News
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Students can subscribe to news via RSS feeds on their igoogle pages.

Google Earth

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Global Awareness layer - Ex: Darfur
3D Buildings
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Watch this video to learn about street views in Google Earth

Google Docs
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