Hubble Telescope Websites

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is taking off to make repairs to the Hubble Telescope. I put together a list of sites to learn about the Hubble Telescope. The list contains interactive sites, photo galleries and slideshows.

Chat Live with one of the Astronauts

You can follow Twitter updates from one of the Astronauts. You can follow @Astro_Mike on twitter to witness the first real Twitter update from outer space. Mike Massimino will be twittering from space. If the timing is right you may be able to chat live.

Hubble Telescope Websites

· TIME Magazine has a slideshow giving A Brief History of The Hubble Space Telescope.
· NASA has an interactive site that shows the repairs that will be made to the telescope by Shuttle astronauts.
· Here’s a presentation by the St. Petersburg Times on the repairs.
· The New York Times also has a similar feature.
· Here is a collection of amazing photos taken by the Hubble Telescope.
· Hubble’s Greatest Hits is a slideshow from MSNBC.
· Snapshots From Hubble is a slideshow from The New York Times.
· A View of the Edge of The Universe is a CNN slideshow of images taken by the Hubble.
· Preparing to Rescue Hubble is from the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.
· Hubble’s Highs and Lows is a slideshow from MSNBC.
· 2009: A Hubble Space Odyssey is a video from CBS News.
· The CBBC Newsround has an accessible explanation of The Mission to Fix Telescope.

Our Current Space Program

September 2009

- Resources for teaching about the current space programs.

NASA TV - – Live Nasa TV - Watch live interaction with astronauts on missions.
NASA Multimedia - - Nasa Multimedia. this is a hub for images, video and audio from Nasa
NASA Projects - - Nasa Projects - This page has a host of projects for all disciplines that relate to current nasa initiatives. Grades k-12
International Space Station News - - International Space station News – Th
is site is dedicated to updates regarding the international space station.
Information about the international space station:

Discovery Mission

Current Discovery Shuttle Mission - - This is the main page for the current discovery space shuttle mission from Nasa. (Sept 2009)
Educator Resource Page for the Current Discovery Mission - This link is the educator resource page for the current discovery mission. There are a lot of resources here.

Criticisms of the Space Shuttle Program

Criticisms of the Space Shuttle Program - This is a wikipedia entry. Please also scroll to the bottom of the entry for a list of references. - Facts and history of the space shuttles.