Instructional Resources

XP Math
XP Math Contains Games, Teacher Resources, Worsheets, Forums and the opporunity to create a math blog.

Online Math Review Exercises K-12 Teachers can create eMathematics accounts for their students. By creating an account teachers can use eMathematics to monitor their students' progress to identify their students' strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can also use eMathematics to communicate with students through email.eMathematics offers lessons and practice excercises for pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonmetry.

Math Facts Websites

Interactive Math Sites from Larry Ferlazzo
A large Collection of Math Games and Sites

Adding & Subtracting Activities

Test the Toad (adding and subtracting from 1-15)

Two-Minute Warning (add, subtract, combo)

Lady Bug Math- Add (higher level thinking w/ small math facts)

Addition Flashcards

Subtraction Flashcards

Lady Bug Math- Subtract (higher level thinking w/ small math facts)

Two Player Math (larger #’s, some 2 digit + 2 digit sums)

Spacey Math (adding or subtracting)

Batter Up Baseball (addition, students may need pencil and paper for higher sums)

Matho (addition)

Hidden Picture (addition)

Hidden Picture (subtraction)

Tic Tac Toe (addition, subtraction, and more)

Multiplication and Division Activities


Two Player Table Mountain Challenge

Tic Tac Toe (Multiplying and Division)

Lemonade Larry (multiplication)

*Product Game
(two player game, one of the best strategy games for learning math facts, very cool!)

Multiplication Match

Matho (multiplication version)

Timed Tables

Mega Maths (multiplication)

Hidden Picture (multiplication version)

Batter’s Up Baseball (multiplication, students may need sheet of paper for 2 digit x 2 digit problems)

For Teacher Use on PC and TV

Multiplication Flash

Division Flash

SAT Prep

Khan Academy – Grade 2-12
Khan Academy hosts over 1000 math and science video tutorials. All of the videos are categorized and hosted on Youtube. The videos provide a very easy to follow explanation of basic and advanced topics. Salman explains these concepts in a manner that is attractive to students. Each video is supplemented by software that dynamically generates exercises and captures data on student usage and progress. You can read this document to understand the vision of this site and to review student and teacher feedback. Another highlight on this site is the SAT review. Khan works out every problem found in a common SAT study guide. This is a free SAT study guide with step by step video tutorials!

Grockit - Grade 7-12
Grockit offers online SAT Prep and grade 7-12 language arts and mathematics lessons. Students may take part in individual lessons, group study lessons, individual tutoring and live training sessions. As part of our Google Apps for Education subscription our students have free access to the group study sessions and a limited number of individual study sessions. Students must login to Grockit with their Google Apps username and password.