A Collection of Sites to Teach Students about the Olympics

Activities, Interactives and Multimedia

NBC Learn
NBC Learn interviews athletes, coaches, and scientists in this original 16-part series, and unravels the physics, biology, chemistry, and materials engineering behind the Olympic Winter Games. The Science of the Olympic Winter Games is made possible through a partnership with the National Science Foundation.
Each episode of the series features an NSF-supported scientists discussing a scientific principle while actual Olympic athletes explain and demonstrate how the principle relates to their respective sports. The demonstrations are captured by a specially designed high-speed camera called a Phantom Cam, which allows their movements to be broken down, analyzed, and illustrated frame by frame to show how the principle being discussed is applied, even as the athletes are performing amazing feats of physics at speeds only possible after years of intense training and constant practice.

3D Models of the Olympic Facilities and the City that can be viewed in Google Earth

Olympic.org- This site developed by the international olympic committee has a listing of each sport. If you click on the sport you can see various media files that demonstrate and showcase the sport.

Path of an Athlete - This is an online game for elementary school students.

Online Scavenger Hunt - Students can complete this online scavenger hunt to learn about the olympics.

Enchanted Learning- They have a site dedicated to the olympics with useful information and activities

Google Earth has added Street Views of the Olympic facilities and the city. You can view these directly in Google Earth.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans - Edgate has a great list of lesson plans and resources for teaching about the winter olympics. The lesson are from the 2002 winter olympics, but they are still relevant to the current olympics.

Lesson Plans from AtoZ Teacher Stuff - Another great listing of Olympic themed lesson plans

More Lesson Plans - A collection of Olympic themed lesson plans

Brain Pop- We now have a subscription to Brain Pop. This is a link to their olympics content.

Create your own classroom Olympic Games.- Students choose which activities they want to "try their hand at" and are required to keep score. Some of the classroom Olympic "sports" include Speedy Spelling, Tongue-Twister Tournament, The Math Meet, and several others. The lesson plan includes descriptions of all sports and standards. This site was last updated in 2008, but the activities are applicable during any year.

Smartboard Lesson Templates

Smartboard Lesson Template - Grades 4,5,6 - This lesson activity is a brief introduction to the sports included in the Olympics, comparing the sports included in the original Olympics with the those that are in our present day games. It also includes a video link that profiles the making of the medals.

Smartboard Lesson - The Greek Olympics - This lesson activity explores the origins of the Olympics and can enrich a unit study on Ancient Greece or on Greek mythology.

Olympic Medals and Equivalent Fractions - This lesson activity provides practice in making equivalent fractions involving the use of an Olympic medal chart.

A listing of Olympic Lesson Plan Templates from Smart Exchange