Introduction to the Smart Interactive Whiteboard

I. Getting Started - Online Training and Quick Reference Guides

  1. - This is the home page for SMART.
  2. Visit this site for two minute tutorials, quick start guides, and hands on practice activites
  3. How to Orient the Smartboard
  4. Using MS Office Programs with a Smartboard
  5. The Floating Toolbar Quick Reference Guide
  6. An introduction to the notebook software

Sample Interactives
Math -

Finding Lessons Online
1. Smart Exchange -

Topics Covered in Workshop 1
1. Turn on and Orient the board
2. Writing, erasing and saving
3. Navigating the web
4. Working with documents
5. The floating toolbar
6. Interactive sites
7. Introduction to Notebook Software
8. Available Notebook Lessons.
9. Screen Capture
10. Lesson Sharing